Faversham Food Festival

Faversham Food Festival has been initiated by six enterprising locals who share a belief that a nationally respected Food Festival that attracts industry and consumers and drives awareness of Faversham, its produce and production expertise is the keystone to this activity – and that it is going to be enterprising small businesses and individuals that make it a reality. The organisers are passionate volunteers, their reward is the pleasure of seeing people enjoy local Faversham food and drink and the success of the businesses and groups which take part each year.

Kent is The Garden of England and is known throughout the world for the quality of its produce. Faversham and the area around it is at the heart of this.

The annual FREE TO VISIT Faversham Food Festival takes place over the course of three days each year. It is an inclusive community festival for local people and our visitors: a celebration of the remarkable richness of our food and drink. Events past and future include the now-famous Faversham Sausage Trail and Faversham Ale Trail, Fish Night on the Quay, various competitions including Oyster Cooking and Best Raised Pie, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Music and Street Entertainment.

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