Faversham Food Festival has been initiated by six enterprising locals who share a belief that a nationally respected Food Festival that attracts industry and consumers and drives awareness of Faversham, its produce and production expertise is the keystone to this activity – and that it is going to be enterprising small businesses and individuals that make it a reality. The organisers are passionate volunteers, their reward is the pleasure of seeing people enjoy local Faversham food and drink and the success of the businesses and groups which take part each year.

Kent is The Garden of England and is known throughout the world for the quality of its produce. Faversham and the area around it is at the heart of this.

Our aim is to celebrate everything that Faversham has, put Faversham firmly on the food and agriculture map and ensure Faversham is recognised as the foremost centre of food and agriculture in the UK with:

  • People visiting throughout the year to eat in our restaurants, buy local food in our markets and shops and visit our farms and producers to experience where their food comes from
  • Food lovers asking for Faversham produce locally, nationally and internationally
  • Our farms recognised as being at the forefront of agriculture experts in the UK
  • Food buyers and industry regarding Faversham and its producers as their first stop when they are looking for produce

Why Faversham?
Faversham is in the heart of Kent’s garden of England. The Faversham Food Festival is run annually to celebrate its fine locally produced food and drink. Now in its third year the Festival provides an opportunity for people to enjoy and celebrate what the East Kent triangle has to offer. Back in 2009  Elizabeth Carter, editor of The Good Food Guide and her contributors identified an area of excellence known as “the East Kent Triangle” – and the local food and drink offer has got significantly better since then.

“With Faversham forming one corner, Whitstable and Canterbury the others, it features not just acclaimed restaurants, but fishmongers, cheesemakers and markets to rival those of Ludlow – the Shropshire town that a decade ago became the epicentre of British gastron­omy due to its galaxy of Michelin stars.” Read more here.

As well as being at the heart of agricultural output, Faversham boasts a range of eateries and is a bustling market town with Kent’s oldest charter market, being mentioned in the doomsday book of 1086. The Faversham Farmers Club was founded in 1727, very probably the oldest club in Britain.  The Canterbury Farmers Club, which still meets, was founded in 1793.

Whilst Whitstable is noted for its oysters, (in many quarters Faversham’s lesser known oysters are as renowned) and Canterbury primarily for its architectural and cultural history, it is Faversham which is at the heart of agricultural production. Kentish hops, apple orchards for cider, eating and cooking, the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale fruit centre, Faversham oysters, significant soft fruit production, Macknade Fine Foods and England’s oldest brewery Shepherd Neame, all thrive in a town with good road and rail links to London and mainland Europe via the ferries and the Channel Tunnel.

Download Powerpoint Presentation introducing the Faversham Food Festival

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