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Ale Trail Winner 2016

Ale Trail 2016 … another FIRST for Faversham Food Festival: the “Ale Trail” … a great way to wander purposefully (!) through our lovely town.

Almost 150 people bought the special commemorative glasses (collectors’ items, that’s for sure!) which came with a map showing all 12 entries for this year.

It was fabulous to hear and see people strolling around town – locals and visitors alike – chatting, strolling and drinking amiably together. Faversham at its best

This year’s entries were, in no particular order:

Hop Festival Ale, from Shepherd Neame – at The Anchor
Landlord, from Timothy Taylor – at The Phoenix Tavern
Snow Top, from Old Dairy – at Abbey Physic Community Garden
Smoked Oatmeal Stout, from Boutilliers – at Faversham Creek Hotel, Conduit Street
Late Red, from Shepherd Neame – at The Bear Inn
Yellow Sea Pale, from Turnstone Ales – in the market
Hallertau Blanc, from Canterbury Ales  – at Furlongs Ale House
Golden IPA, from Mad Cat – at The Vaults
Masterbrew, from Shepherd Neame – at Market Inn
Waimea Pale Ale, from Boutilliers – at their brewery & in the market
Three Lions, from Mad Cat – at The Elephant
Fortitude, from Wantsum – at The Ship Inn, Ospringe

yes, we were a bit slow in collecting all voting slips and then counting them … but results are now in !!!
drum roll, please …

the winner of the 2016 Faversham Food Festival Ale Trail is …


Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, lovingly served at The Phoenix Tavern

David & Timothy pose outside The Phoenix Tavern !

Timothy Taylor joins David Selves for a photocall !
Timothy Taylor & David Selves !
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